A couple of years ago, I invested into a solar energy system, which is mounted on my roof and can produce 4kw peak. As of writing this article I already produced 35 mega watt energy for my house.

The inverter is a Fronius Symo 3.7 and has LAN as well as WIFI in order to show the current produced energy. The WIFI can be configured by directly connecting a PC with a LAN cable.

Every once in a while, I am re-configuring my WIFI system and had to change the SSID as well as the passwords. Everytime I do also have to connect via LAN and re-configure the WIFI settings on the inverter.

The following steps are necessary to properly connect to the inverter with a laptop and a connected LAN cable:

  1. Connect a laptop with a LAN cable to the RJ45 connector.
  2. Setup the network address to static address (see the settings below)
  3. Open up a browser and go to, which is the pre-defined address for the Fronius Symo inverter.
  4. Use the web gui to change your WLAN settings.
mode       : manual
ip address :
subnet     :
router     :

Everytime, I again had to do the research, so I hope this simple tutorial helps.