In the last years, I tried get more efficient by removing bloated software on my machine. Some of you may know that I am running Arch Linux, which builds the basis for my daily activities. On top of it, the terminal is my main working area. Last year I switched from traditional window managers to the tiling window manager dwm. Tiling window managers have the advantage that your screen is not messed up with floating windows which need to be moved, resized using the mouse. This is how my environment looks like as of writing this blog:

I tried to build a table of preferred software programs which serve a certain purpose. I addition to the programs, I also have a set of config files (dotfiles) configuring my working environment.


Purpose Preferred software
Operating system Arch Linux
Editor vim
Terminal st and urxvt
Window manager dwm
Desktop environment I do not need one :-)
File manager ranger, vifm, nnn
Menu for X dmenu
Programming languages Go, C


Purpose Preferred software
Password manager pass, gopass
Encrypting data GnuPG

Remote storage

Purpose Preferred software
Remote storage Nextcloud
Sync with cloud rclone

Emails, Calendars, Contacts, Internet

Purpose Preferred software
Email neomutt
Sync emails mbsync
Send emails msmtp
Calendar khal
Addresses khard
Todo todoman
Syncing calendar/contacts vdirsyncer
Chatting Riot, Signal
Browser Firefox, Surf, Qutebrowser
Search engine DuckDuckGo

Content creation

Purpose Preferred software
Editor vim
Slides, presentations Beamer, Libreoffice, sent
Documents Markdown, LaTeX, Pandoc
Static page generator Jekyll, Hugo


Purpose Preferred software
Syncing Synthing
CLI fuzzy finder fzf


Purpose Preferred software
Image viewer sxiv, feh
Image editing ImageMagick, Gimp


Purpose Preferred software
Source control Git
Code hosting Github